Products & Services

Polymer Modified Chemicals (PMC), is a high grade soil stabilizing agent product in powder form. It is used to stabilize the soil and increase its mechanical properties. The stabilized PMC road can be reopened immediately to the public as to minimize the congestion of traffic flow. PMC product brand is reliable, quality, and long term cost savings.

PMC is suitable for:

  • Road and motorway construction
  • Heavy industry area
  • Peat soil
  • Airport’s runway, taxiway and parking apron
  • General foundation
  • Slope protection
  • Bridge approach settlement
  • Urban and rural roads

PMC Properties and Results:

  • Environmental friendly product certified by SIRIM Malaysia
  • Increase the bearing capacity of soil
  • Increase the California Bearing Ratio (CBR) value by 3 to 4 times compare to unstabilized soil
  • Very resistant and durable roads
  • Reduce formation of cracks
  • Reduction of settlements and bumpy surface
  • Impermeable and leak proof surface
  • Zero pothole and maintenance free
  • “Floating semi-rigid platform”
  • Long term cost savings

In summary, we provide :

-Engineering design of pavement layers

-On-ground training on soil stabilization technique

-Project management and free supervision

-Improvisation of local soils by our Research and Development team